Silent Retreats on the shore of Lake Winnebago

Jesuit Retreat House, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, fosters Spiritual enrichment rooted in the Gospels, the Catholic tradition and the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Our ministry is dedicated to creating a rich variety of retreat experiences and providing an atmosphere of quiet, peace and prayer in which men and women of all faiths are encouraged to discover and respond generously to God's personal invitation to wholeness and holiness.

The Jesuit Retreat House has two types of silent retreats; preached and directed. Preached retreats include weekend retreats, 12-Step retreats, couples' retreats, a women's Advent retreat, and a men's holy week retreat. Directed retreats take place between May and September.

Women's 12 Step Weekend Preached Retreats

May 11-14:

#121 Women's 12 Step

Weekend Preached Retreat

Sr. Cathy Cahill, OFS

August 17-20:

#122 Women's 12 Step

Weekend Retreat

Ms. Elizabeth Neubauer

Please click on either Sr. Cahill's or Ms. Neubauer's photo or text to learn more about them. To register for either Women's 12 Step Preached Retreats, hover over Retreats above and click on Preached Retreats, then scroll down to either #121 or #122 and click on Register.

Weekend Preached Retreats

Silent retreats for men and women with conferences each day based on the dynamics of Ignatian spirituality.

Summer Directed Retreats

5- & 8-day silent retreats for men and women where each retreatant meets daily with an assigned personal spiritual director.

12-Step Recovery Weekend Retreats

Weekend silent preached retreats for men and women grounded in the 12-Steps and Ignatian Spirituality with an opportunity for a 12-Step meeting.

Couples' Weekend Retreat

Silent preached retreat for couples based on Ignatian Spirituality with fewer conferences and more time for couples to share their experiences.

Upcoming Retreats

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