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Actual Costs & Offering Levels

Crowd Funding

Weekend Preached Retreat offering:

Registration for a weekend retreat requires a non-refundable deposit: $75.

The actual cost of a retreat (including the deposit amount) is shown in bold below along with other giving levels. Retreat offerings are our main source of revenue, but we do not want anyone to stay away from finding Christ through the Spiritual Exercises because of financial constraints. We are most grateful to retreatants who generously give over and above the actual cost of a retreat and those who support our retreat ministry through other giving opportunities.

75% 80% 90% 100% 110% 120% 125%
Weekend Preached Retreat $328 $350 $395 $440 $485 $530 $550

5-Day & 8-Day Directed Retreat offering:

A non-refundable deposit of $125 must accompany all registrations for individually directed summer retreats. Deposits go towards the full cost of a retreat: $875 (5-day retreat) and $1,310 (8-day retreat). If you need help paying for your summer retreat, please contact Tanya Hielke, registrar, at JRH's main phone number. Summer retreatants may pay ahead of their retreat or upon arrival at JRH.